Hotel…Motel… Holiday Inn (not even close)

I have yet to stay off site during the time we are in the parks. We usually start off site and enter the park and check into our hotels but this time we were Disneyland from morning to night. I know that many, many people argue that you shouldn’t spend the money for an on site visit since you will just be sleeping there. I highly disagree. Once you leave the parks the feeling becomes different. You realize that Disneyland is a little bubble of magic sitting among reality. Once I’m in, I don’t want to break the seal. At an onsite resort, you go right from park to Disneyland home. If you see Disneyland as more of a simple theme park then your perception is very different from mine. I see it as a place of magic.
Here is my previous blog about the theming.

This time we had a two bedroom suite with a king bed in each side of the suite. There was a bathroom on each side and bar style kitchen area. Lots of extra room for food if you brought some for the room.

I would have to say that overall, the view is what blew me away. We had a view of both parks, we could see the Tower of Terror and the Route 66 backdrops. We could see the tops of Space Mountain, Splash Mountain and the Matterhorn. At night we had an unobstructed view of the fireworks. Through the other windows you could see the hotel pool and Trader Sam’s. I could live there!

Even with my mom fear of losing children over the balcony, I let my daughter sit outside to just take it all in. We never closed the curtains just so we could look at that view.

Sigh… Take me back Disneyland… please.


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