“Oh Crap! I forgot my aunt’s souvenir!” stores

If you aren’t able to head into the park quite yet, I love spending time in Downtown Disney. All the shopping and eating you could want. There are a few places that I’m not too jazzed about like the Rainforest Cafe and the ESPN zone but overall, since we were heading into the park in the morning, we stopped there for some shopping.

The Lego Store: A really neat place to stop to look at all the lego merch. They also had some items for sale and I hardly see Lego stuff on sale. Also, they had some Lego Christmas ornaments. My daughter’s favorite place was the Lego workshop area where she got to make a house. There was also another area where you could make your own custom mini figurines. (Hubby note: He said that their prices match their online prices so, go ahead and buy.)

Next stop: D-Street
This was our family’s kind of spot. They had Ironman ears, Star Wars items and the newest edition… Big Hero 6. Leia picked up a Honey Lemon action figure here. She admires a gal with brains, brawn and fashion sense. My mom also tried on the Darth Vader ears which I’m sure Jasper will eventually end up buying to complete his set of Star Wars ears.

World of Disney Store: 
This store is MASSIVE! We only made it through 1/4 of the store on the first night. It was enough for us to find Izzy’s new ears. Frozen ears! These ears are reversible, one side Anna and one side Elsa. Although, I think there should just be an ELSA only one. We also bought our elves mini ears for them to wear since they would be coming back after Thanksgiving.

The Entrance of Disneyland shop: My mom wanted to start her day with ears so she bought some Christmas bling ears from the little souvenir shop right near the exit of Disneyland. I like to think of this as the “Oh crap! I forgot something shop. But now I’m outside.” It was the perfect place for buying more stuff.

Little Missmatched: This shop is a shop dedicated to mismatched socks and other things. We love these socks. We order at least once a year and we were able to score the Buy 3, get 3 deal. I split the deal with my sister, Lisa and we ended up paying about $5.50 each for 1 set of mismatched sock. Which is their clearance sale prices. These socks were all Disney inspired ones with Alice in the Wonderland and the princesses on them.

THE SKATING RINK! They recently put up the Olaf skating rink near the ESPN zone. It has a massive tree in the middle and ice all around it. Kiddos can skate for about 15 bucks. I kept telling Izzy that “Tomorrow… we’ll go…. tomorrow… we’ll go” and like that old country song, Tomorrow never came. Sorry, Iz! In the mornings before they open it to the public they have professional skaters skate and then you think, “Hey! I might be able to do that.” Mainly the kiddos scoot along and hang on to the glass but it’s probably the best time in their life!


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