Oh-OH the UH-OA is coming

In Tucson, there is a tiki bar called Kon Tiki. It has these massive fishbowl type drinks called Scorpions that are meant for multiple people to drink. So when I heard about the Uh-Oa from Trader Sam’s I knew that I wanted to give it a go! It’s a deadly drink. It was very alchohol-y.  IMG_6216It’s meant for 2 or more people and my sister took one sip and didn’t go back for more. What’s cool about this is that, you get to keep the big mug that it comes in and it’s now our cereal bowl and brings back memories of our first night in Disneyland.
We were able to get an outside seating with the tiki torches burning. Our drinks came quickly and our orders soon after that. It was very interesting to me that in Downtown Disney, all the major eateries were packed to the gills on Thanksgiving night and yet not more than 100 yards away in the center of the Disneyland Hotel’s outside area was Trader Sam’s with room to spare.

We ordered the pulled pork sandwiches and hamburgers. My husband inhaled his burger even with the pineapple. My sister said that it was nice mix of sweet and salty. They both enjoyed the sweet potato fries. My girls ate the kids salmon and chicken tenders, both were very good and filling. The pulled pork sandwiches were perfectly seasoned and moist. I stuck with regular fries. Overall, a contender for one of my favorite places to eat.

I enjoyed the experience of the Uh-oa because when they bring it out to you, they light it on fire and then have you say “uh-oa” while you throw cinnamon into the flames. When you do that, it flames up more. Then they put out the flames and you drink the boozy drink… sometimes alone because your sister flakes out.


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