Early Bird gets the worm or gets to ride Radiator Springs 3 times.

IMG_6250 IMG_6248

After a good night’s sleep, we are ready to attack California Adventure Park for our magic morning. If you are staying onsite, you get a magic morning for every day of your stay. That means, the park opens at 8AM to the lay person and for the onsite or Park Hopper ticket holders, you get inside at 7AM. This has tons of advantages, one being that you don’t need to wait for many rides so get to your hot ticket rides first and coast the rest of the day.

Rides we are hoping to ride before any crowds: Radiator Springs, California Screamin’ and Goofy’s Flight School.

We got up at 5:30AM and were out the door by 6:30AM. We already had our park tickets so we just waited for them to open the gates. Our strategy was to try the “wide right” strategy outlined here by one of my favorite vloggers, Fresh Baked Disney.
We were about 10 people back in the line and since it was our first park, taking our pictures for our park passes was agony as I watched all those people in front of us pass us by.

We started by splitting up for Jasper and Virgil to get in line for Fast Passes for Radiator Springs so we could ride it again later. The gals took on going right to Radiator Springs to get in line for Stand by. Turns out there are NO FAST PASSES before Rope Drop. Lesson learned. We got funneled into the line and the wait time for Radiator Springs was 15 minutes! What!?! Under 90 minutes?

IMG_6252 IMG_6257 IMG_6261

We also discovered the Baby Swap! I love this thing and will ride it over and over. Essentially, your group goes up to the waiting area and asks for a Rider Swap, all family members possible go into the ride while one person and the baby wait for them to ride the ride. Then the person who waited with baby and TWO other people get to ride the ride. This is how people can ride it over and over. You get to go into the single sider side and pass by all the other people.
By the way, Radiator Springs backdrop is perfect at near sunrise. So vibrant and full of life. I did enjoy Radiator Springs but not my most favorite ride there, California Screaming is more my flavor.

And the first time I rode, our car won!


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