PhotoPass Plus- a bargain 14 days out

I highly recommend the Disneyland Photo Pass Plus.
I even recommend it more if you are doing any character dining plan.

Photo0007FiveBySeven Photo0055FourBySix Photo0077EightByTen

Photo Pass plus is a photo pass that allows you to get everyone in the photo for key areas like in front of the castle or in front of Mickey’s Wheel of death. I love it as a mom since I’m usually the one left out of photos to take the family photo. You also get access to fun “Magic Shot” photos like the Stitch ones. You can always ask your photographer if they do “Magic Shots”. Here is another Magic Shot that we did with our first family vacation:

A magic shot is when they add a character or object later when they upload to your Photo Pass Plus. You get a CD with a code and a lanyard that you need to take with you to the park to get your personalized code for the photographers to load them up to.
Also, at rides like Radiator Springs and Tower of Terror, you just flash your lanyard and you get your photos printed for “free” since you prepaid for them.
Finally, at the Character Meals you get your photos with the characters for “free” as well since you prepaid. So, we usually do between 1-2 character meals, it works out for us.

More information here:


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