Anna and Elsa’s Boutique is real “COOL”!


We did the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique the last time we came and this time, they just opened the Anna and Elsa’s Boutique. You can choose a makeover for $34.95. This makeover is more informal than the BBB inside the park but it’s still very similar.
You get hair, hair extensions, make up and nails done by a specialists.
The difference I would say is the atmosphere. I feel like at the BBB you get a more themed and set up for a longer experience.

Here’s the side by side:

  • Check-in: Anna and Elsa (A & E)- you go the cashier to let them know you have arrived. They contact a stylist. Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique (BBB) you are greeted by a Fairy Godmother helper who checks your reservation and if your package comes with a dress, you pick out your princess.
  • Getting Ready: A&E- you are seated immediately in the stylist chair so make sure you are in your princess get up before you get to the chair. BBB- You get a beautiful room to change into your dress with a full on mirror and they hang up your dress before you get there.
  • The parent waiting areas: A & E there isn’t a spot to wait in so, many people will either just mill around the stylist chair or sitting on the floor. BBB- there is a bench right in front of the makeover chair for you to comfortably watch from.

    Mema and Sushi sit on the floor at Anna and Elsa's Boutique
    Mema and Sushi sit on the floor at Anna and Elsa’s Boutique
  • Styling- The same care is taken in both areas.
  • Costs- I felt that Elsa was more manageable because we brought our own dress.
  • Finale- A&E yells “Let it Go!” and they turn you around. They even incorperated my youngest by sprinkling fairy dust on her as well. BBB- They make a big deal of the “reveal” by pulling back a curtain and singing birds tweet along as you admire yourself.
  • Pictures- With the BBB, there is a visit to the professional photo area and the carriage which made the experience come to a close. A&E doesn’t have a professional photo area.

Overall, Anna and Elsa is a good value and a fun make over place but for a first time experience, I would go to BBB.

IMG_0175 IMG_0201


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