Snacks and Lines and Planning are birds of a feather


My theory about happiness levels in Disneyland are tied to planning. I begin by telling my family that there can be up to 45 minute waits and plan appropriately. Right before we head into a line that doesn’t have a Fast Pass we get a snack or drink and use the bathroom. We also have with us our iPhones and maps. I use these minutes to plan out the next 2-3 moves ahead. I take a needs assessment from my family.
For the children:
– How are you feeling?
– Are you hungry?
– Are you thirsty?
– What might you want to do next?

For adults:
– How do you feel your feet are doing?
– Are you hungry?
– Are you thirsty?
– What might you want to do next?
– Do you need a break from another person?
– How are your phones doing?

IMG_6326Lines are the perfect time to eat snacks. For morning snacks, I push the water and hydration. I also try to get some nuts and or salty snacks into their system to curb the after breakfast slump.

For after lunch snacks, I go for the sweet cold items because we are tired and thirsty. Mickey ice creams and frozen lemonades are just what we need to recharge while in line for Monsters, Inc.

For after dinner, we go for popcorn or glowing drinks.

Finally, it’s time to figure out what’s the next big thrill ride. We try to stay in the general area so we aren’t going from one side of the park to the other. We have our Fast Pass person which is usually my husband, Jasper get off the family rides quickly and head out to pick up Fast Passes. Here’s what we planned in line while eating ice creams:
Jas gathers everyone’s park tickets and heads to Tower of Terror for 2 Fast Passes and then over to California Screaming for the other 5 passes.
The rest of the crew head over to Bug’s land and ride Flick’s Flyers for a quick kids ride that my toddler can ride. While we are in the 15-20 minute line, Jasper returns and rides with us!
We decide to ride Heimlich’s Chew- Chew Train and then off to It’s Tough to Be a Bug. On our way to Tower of Terror, we will break apart our family to eat in 2 rotations if needed.

We also finally take an assessment around 3pm of the items that are must see things before we leave so that no one feels like we didn’t do what we wanted to do.

Use your lines wisely and you’ll come out on top!



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