You so Totally Rock, DUDE!

There is an amazing gem in The Disney Animation building, it’s called Turtle Talk with Crush.

On a hot day it’s a sanctuary and when you are returning to the park after a nap, it’s a nice transition back into the magic. You get to marvel at screens inside the building where they show snippets of movies. I LOVE this building, off to the right there is a little waiting area for Turtle Talk. The doors open outward and I recommend getting as close to the screen as possible and get your kids to sit on the carpet in front. You walk in and there is a massive fish “tank”. I tell my children that it’s a tank and it makes us a believe a little more.


They lower the lights and go through the rules and then suddenly, Crush swims in. This show is interactive and so funny. Crush asks humans questions and you can even try to get your kid to ask a question. Izzy was able to ask a question last time we went and check out the interaction here.

You’ll even learn to talk turtle! The show is different every time and gets everyone laughing and interacting. Take some time out to meet Crush and maybe ask him a question!


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