PLAY parade and how to get a 1-1


I pride myself on making Disney Magic a priority for my family. I go out of my way to make sure every moment is amazing. I research and research and research. Early morning Saturdays and late nights, just watching blogs and figuring out the intricacies of each attraction. Many times, I get the “Don’t overthink it… just do it” speech. Sorry, folks. I expect the best. IMG_0246
That’s why, you will see me as an enthusiastic parade member. The more I yell and clap and cheer, the better the show and for the case of the PLAY parade, Izzy has had had two amazing 1 on 1 experiences with a parade member.
Izzy got a chance to “pet” Nemo (2013) during the parade.


Then in 2014, Izzy can a chance to chat with one of the Bug’s Life dancers. One way to secure magic for your family during a parade is to make sure you are in the lighted areas and that you are cheering them on. Dance a little and let them know that you love the characters. Then… you will see the magic of the parades.



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