Tower of Terror… a New favorite

There are always moments when I’m in Disneyland or California Adventure that make me say, “Where have you been all my life?” Splash Mountain and Tower of Terror are two of the most notable! During Tinksgiving, I got a chance to go but other members of my family chickened out on me. My hubby hates free falls and my mom wouldn’t do in her lifetime. My sister loves to stick with my mom and my daughters were too short at the time. So, I went with our Pop-Pop. He was up for the challenge.

Theming is amaIMG_6374zing, there is so much to look at once you get inside. Then you take an elevator up and then you wait some more and then you walk up some stairs… and you wait some more but once you get inside. It’s so fun. It creeps upwards, tells a story and keeps going until you see parts of the park and then it drops you.

Then it goes to the top and drops you some more!

I LOVED IT! I recommend it if you haven’t done it, yet.

It made
it into my top 10 of Disney California Adventure:(no particular order)
1- World of Color
2- Tower of Terror
3- Ariel’s Grotto
4- Soarin’ Over California
5- It’s Tough to Be a Bug
6- Radiator Springs Racers

7- Jumping Jellyfish
8- Dill Pickle Popcorn
9- Turtle Talk with Crush
10- Aladdin (show)


Our Pop-Pop still jokes about elevators anytime he rides one. He says, “Tower of Terror!” when he gets on. I’m not sure how his co-pilots feel about it.

I just LOL!


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