California adventures at night are Cozy


One of my all time favorite places to be when it’s dark is on Route 66. The backdrop colors everything a warm reddish color. The Cozy Cones light up to warm orange. There are fluorescent hints comes from Flo’s diner. You will be guaranteed to see Mater here, talking to all the families. It’s the end of the day and there is usually plenty of places to take a load off in this area. Grab your snack right before you head over to watch the finale of your night at California Adventure, World of Color.

At the cozy cone, you can grab a literal cone of chili or my personal favorite: Dill Pickle Popcorn. Apparently, every once in a while they change up the flavors you can get. Here’s the menu for future reference:


It’s fun place and apparently, I’ve only really been to the popcorn cone. I’ve got to expand my snackage to the other cones! There are 5?! The more you know, right.

I also had Doc’s grape tonic, it was tasty.

Then head over to The World Color for your “Kiss Goodnight to the park”. I don’t take too many photos of the World of Color simply because the beauty doesn’t translate onto film very well and I also don’t want to be that jerk that has their phone out the whole time. I try to watch extra carefully to remember the show but usually my memories fail me on the show part and I’m left with memories of my daughter singing “Let it Go” and my youngest falling asleep in the Tula while drinking milk. I remember how sore my feet are and always remember the frustrated crowds that make a beeline toward the exit. We try for 1 more ride while the masses exit and leave towards the end of the crowds, taking the Grand Californian exit.

Another glorious day in Disneyland California Adventure. Time to recoup for 6 hours.
IMG_0251 IMG_0263


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