Early Bird never waits

IMG_6405 I am an early riser. My normal weekend routine starts around 4am. I’ve always been an early bird. I married a non-early bird. He prefers to sleep in and snooze until about noon. This being said, he always wakes up early with me on Disneyland days. We try to maximize our time in the parks to when the minimum number of people are in the park.

When you book in the resorts, you get multiple Magic Mornings. That means that you enter the park 1 hour early before the general ticket holders get inside. That 1 hour pays off when you get to do the following things within that hour:
– Ride Star Tours (no fast passes because they don’t start until actual opening time.
– Get your priority Fast Passes for Anna and Elsa.
– Ride Peter Pan’s Flight with a less than 30 minute wait (This ride doesn’t have a fast pass and is always packed.)
– Meet up with Merida (last year but we walked right up to her with no wait and she spent more time just chatting us up.)
– Ride the carousel just to kill time.
– Go through Sleeping Beauty’s castle (alone without other parties following us)
– Take the family photo in front of the castle with minimum background people.
– Watch the sunrise on Fantasyland as your child trying to pull out the sword in the stone.

IMG_6419 IMG_6429 10410942_10152587690426056_1558268483293083478_n

And then we walk to our breakfast at Plaza Inn and watch the rope drop in all the lands, a mad rush to get fast passes and ride the rides first… too bad, we already rode them all folks.

I think the morning time is the best time, everything is fresh. Everything is renewed. It’s a magical day… It’s Disneyland, my favorite park!


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