Dance with the one that brought you

I am a firm believer in being a team in Disneyland. It’s the only way to survive as a family. If you don’t spend time planning with the other head of household, they won’t be happy and the whole family suffers.

First order of business, do they even like Disney? Star Wars? The cartoons? Which movies do they enjoy? Pirates? Toy Story? Indiana Jones?

If they don’t they might not like what Disneyland has to offer.

Do they like food? Turkey legs? Meat? Corn dogs? Popcorn?

When the parents start to breakdown then the kids will most definitely follow. We try to keep a balance. Daddy things and mommy things. Then we match up the kids to rides and attractions. My Izzy might enjoy Splash Mountain more than Winnie. Have one parent take each one and everyone is happy. Then switch kids or use Rider Switch so the older kiddo gets to ride TWICE! Then go on a family ride like Haunted Mansion or the Jungle Cruise.

Then take some time to just be a couple. Are the kids in bed with an auntie who would rather rest then kiss Disneyland goodnight? Take some time to enjoy the park alone. Or decide on something that you both enjoy doing like riding Star Tours together. Shop for your kids alone. Have a drink in DCA. Remember before kids, you were people.

And most of all, fall in love with someone who loves Disneyland or you can make enjoy Disneyland.


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