Minnie and Many Friends

I love Minnie and Friends for so many reasons.

1- You get to meet characters in the park while other people who are walking up want to meet the characters that you are eating with, they can’t. They are all your’s.

2- You get to meet some fun characters.

3- The food is so yummy.

4- You get to go right back to the park when you are done eating.

Here are few of the characters that we met. One of my favorite things to do is to make sure you get into character with the characters. We sang, “Hook is a codfish! Hook is a codfish!” and he pretended to be mad at us. Then we asked Max, “Where is your dad?” Then we played hide and seek with Chip. We tried to cheer up Eeyore by telling jokes but none of them worked.

Mostly, we had them sign our family photo mat.


It was one of the best souvenirs of the trip!

I love that this meal is a buffet so everyone can eat their fill and we don’t feel hungry until late in the afternoon. The decor was done by Mrs. Disney herself and I always feel like it’s a part of classic Disneyland. It’s always in the Begay’s top 5 places to eat.

If you are able to fit it into your budget, go to Peter Pan’s flight and then fill your belly with Mickey waffles at Minnie and Friends.

What Walt says himself: Plaza Inn


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