Frozen Fastpasses? Get them fast before they melt!

Frozen is a staple in the Begay household. I have 2 daughters who love the movie and we even took it to another level by dressing up at the characters for Halloween.


So meeting Anna and Elsa was high on the Disneyland To-Do list. This was a magic morning for us so we we ran right to middle of the park to get in line for the Meet and Greet tickets. I thought you could just walk up and ask for the tickets but instead, I had to have all the tickets for everyone who wanted to meet them! So, I had to wait for Jasper to come back with the tickets. People started to stream by and I started to panic, what if I didn’t get the tickets?

Luckily, Jasper came right away and we were able to secure some tickets. Our return time was for 9:40 so we had enough time to get breakfast and come back for the meet and greet. By the time 8:05am rolled around, all the tickets were gone for the day and families were getting mad.


When we returned to the short waiting line to meet with the Frozen gals across from the Carousel, parents kept walking up and the cast member would turn them away. It was heartbreaking to hear story after story about parents who came from across the country and all their child wanted to do was to meet Anna and Elsa. I kept thinking, “Maybe I can give them Pop-pop’s and Sushi’s tickets” but then the logical side of me kept thinking, “You should have done your research.” If you did, you would have known that this attraction isn’t a walk up attraction and that it’s an attraction that “sells out”.


If you did your research and got your fast pass then you are treated with the meet and greet of both sisters. I am not sure what Izzy will remember from this interaction but she does know that this is also where so met Rapunzel and where there are NO real little cakes.

On the other side of the curtain, our Pop-Pop said, “that was it?” Check out his not impressed look.



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