Beignets, Mint Juleps and Haunted Mansions


I always miss out on the Haunted Mansion. I think the first time, I thought it would be way more scary than it actually was. The first time I rode it as an adult was at Walt Disney World and I was grabbing onto dear life to my friend Dedee. After, I saw it wasn’t so scary… I was excited to take my family on it. Before, we got on the ride we decided to use this time as a snack time. We got a bag of beignets from The Mint Julep Bar in New Orleans square. We also decided to try a Mint Julep which my daughter is now in love with, she wants to drink one every hour of the day now.


It is extremely refreshing and light. Plus, it looks fancy with all that garnish.

The Haunted Mansion was in Halloween gear which means they had left up the Nightmare Before Christmas theming up. I think it’s okay but not as good as the regular theming. Plus it was way past Halloween so, I felt like it was out of place.


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