Are you satisfied with your balloon? NO!


Early on in our trip, let’s say… DAY 1! Take that back, Day 0! On the night we we went to Downtown Disney, Izzy wanted this god awful HUGE baymax that lit up. It was massive, I told her I’m not buying that. To my dismay, she said, “Well, I’M BUYING IT! With money I earned.” CRAP!!! Our policy is, “Your Money… Your Rules.” Well, she bought it and it was in everyone’s faces! Blocking people’s view in the parades! Getting stuck on poles. This balloon is like herding a small child who can fly.

“Get out of there Baymax!”
“Stay over here Baymax!”
“Baymax! Get out of my face!”

That AND it wouldn’t light up so we traded it out the next day (see above).

Then the last day, it popped.
Me: Oh no! I guess we’ll have to leave Baymax here.
Izzy: The lady said that if I bring back the deflated one, I can get a new one
Me: Damn it!

Izzy took her deflated Baymax, holding like a wounded patient back to the balloon people for a new one. NO CHARGE.

Then, we also picked up this beauty,


The Baymax sipper which don’t fit into a backpack and you can’t hold it properly but boy do those kids love it!


By the final day, Baymax had met his end… see how he’s floating on the ground now? But, my child was relentless and it ended up going home with us where he would randomly light up  in the backseat.


New family RULE:
NO BAYMAX Balloons! He is not fast.


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