In the Tiki, Tiki Room…. All the Birds sing words


I am a strong advocate for The Enchanted Tiki Room. It is a dated attraction but here are some reasons to put it at the top of your list:
1- Walt, himself financed and paid for the Tiki Room with his own money. So, it’s 100% Walt.
2- The announcer at the beginning of the show is a REAL person. Sit on the wall across from where you walk in and watch him do the announcing, it’s amazing.
3- There is a shorter Dole Whip line INSIDE the waiting area for the Tiki Room plus places to sit down with shade.
4- There is a bathroom inside the waiting room!
5- There is AC in the attraction.
6- The songs are catchy.

This is the best place to go when you are on your last legs of the afternoon. Sit down while your kiddos are in a contained area with ICE CREAM! Or a pineapple wedge. OR my all time favorite, the Dole Whip Float.

This is a Dole Whip:

Image from
Image from

It’s a pineapple juice over pineapple soft serve… YUM! Buy and eat it now. More about the Tiki Room here:

There is a whole following of people who make it a point to eat 1-2 each trip they take. Our family’s tradition is to eat one at least once a trip with a visit to the Tiki Room after AND you can eat your treat while cooling off inside.


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