The Pearl Factory in Downtown Disney

One of the newest experiences we found was The Pearl Factory in Downtown Disney. It is directly across from the Lego Store in a small open air kiosk. I had heard about the Pick-a-Pearl experience in Walt Disney World and I recently found out that they do a smaller one here in Disneyland.
You pay about 17.99 to pick an oyster out of a little bucket. The helpful tips say to pick the “ugliest” one. They all looked the same to us but we picked the darkest and the one with the most ridges.

Then you tap the plate 3 times and say, “Aloha!” for good luck. The specialist there shucks the oyster and digs for the little pearl. And ta-da! We got a LARGE pearl!

You have different options for mounting the pearl and I knew for Izzy the pearl in a cage option would be the best so she could look at it and admire it from time to time. We chose the cheapest pearl cage and the total was $55 for the pearl and the cage.

For future trips, we will bring our own cage. I want to get a carriage one like this one,

That Etsy seller is recommended by several sites. They are silver plated though so they will brass up on the backside.

Here is the video of my Izzy’s reaction to pearl: The Pearl Factory

If you want a grown up souvenir or if you want to give someone a unique experience try choosing an oyster!

(Update: 6/3/17- We did not see any Pearl Factory this time around. I believe they have closed)


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