Mickey’s Halloween Party


My husband made me really tear up about this one. He was so excited about this event. He said to his daughters, “Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would be Trick-or-Treating in Disneyland!”

When I had booked the tickets in August, that hadn’t even crossed my mind. Who gets to say that? I got to trick or treat in Disneyland!


We of course had to go as Star Wars Characters: Daddy- Jedi, Izzy- Princess Leia, Sushi- Storm Trooper, Me- R2-D2.

Mickey’s Halloween Party is an additional ticket for that day. So, we were in Disneyland from 8-2pm that day using our regular park tickets ($78 for adults, $74 for Izzy) . Then at 2pm, we went back to the hotel to rest and change for the party. You can start arriving at the Disneyland park at 3 hours before the Halloween Event starts at 3PM.

We arrived at 5PM. When we got there, there was special lines labeled “Special Event Entrance”. They scanned our tickets ($69 each) and then we got a wrist band for every ticket we got. Sushi didn’t get a wristband since she was under 3 but she did get a bag. The bags they gave us were tiny.


They were the perfect size for a little toddler. My oldest daughter used her larger personal Star Wars bag and my youngest used the little bag and dumped her candy into the big bag every few stops.

At the end of the night, all 4 of our bags went into 1 big bag that was way too heavy for my daughter to carry. This was just from 6 treat trails.


Every treat trail has anywhere from 3-5 treat stations with cast members giving anywhere from 2-3 pieces of candy. At the end of the night, they were giving us handfuls. One strategy to get more candy is to ask for the healthy option (carrots, crackers, grahams) after you get your candy. Then you can use those Cheez-its for lunch boxes later on.

Other than the treat trail, there are 2 other pluses to attending this event. The first being the ride waits drop down to less than 15 minutes. We walked right onto Matterhorn twice Nemo’s submarines and Big Thunder. We did do some family rides like Teacups, Buzz Lightyear Astroblasters and Alice in Wonderland. Right at 6pm, the cast members stopped letting people who didn’t have a wristband onto the rides.

There were characters all around to take photos with and photo opportunities but we got hungry and tired quickly trying to move quickly from area to area.

The second plus was that we didn’t have to fight for a spot for Paint the Night. We got right up to curb spots and we didn’t have people breathing down our necks. It was a nice time to stretch out and enjoy one of my new favorite shows!


Other things to note: There are special Halloween Fireworks this night right after the parade AND you absolutely MUST see Rivers of America as it a beautiful sight.

Book early, the dates fill up quickly and well before October.


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