SING the night!


My all time favorite parade is Mickey’s Soundsational Parade. It has now been dethroned. I love upbeat and sentimental at the same time and that’s all that Paint the Night is.


If you love the Wreck it Ralph soundtrack, you will love you this parade. It was a great pep rally for our late evening in the park.


Photos don’t do this event justice. It’s dark with a beautiful light show of dancing and amazing theatrics.


Elsa’s float was amazing. I felt like this was what Elsa’s castle was made out of, glowing ice.

IMG_4622We sat in the 2nd row and the people in front of us stayed seated so it was ideal. No one wants to stand again after a long day of standing in lines.
Another helpful hint, don’t try to buy lights from any of the vendors heading towards the beginning of the parade. (Spoiler Ahead…..)


They are actually part of the show! I thought that was a wonderful nod to “Every Role a Starring Role” concept. I literally felt proud of them!

Put this on your MUST DO list! And bring your dancing shoes.


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