Kylo Ren scarier in person

I don’t know if you ever sat down in Star Wars and thought, Kylo Ren is not scary at all. He seems like he would be an okay guy to meet one day.


His vocalizer is so creepy in person. I was waiting to be death gripped by the force at any moment.

The cast members all all so serious. You go all in thinking, “I’m just going to smile and enjoy the interaction.It’s going to be great.” Then the cast members get very stern with you.

CM: I need all your scanning devices! (holds out hands and demands)
Hubby: We didn’t get any. What’s that?
CM: Your devices for scanning images!
Me: I think he means phones.
CM: ALL of the them.
Us: (Digging around in bags frantically)
CM: We will let you know when to proceed.

We stand around the corner waiting and suddenly Kylo Ren lurks in. I’m pretty sure I screamed because I was expecting us to come to him. I can’t even remember what I said.

All I know is the person inside has powerful forces and creeps the poop out of me.

CM: Look ahead.
Me: Cheese?
CM: Scanning complete.
Me: I don’t know if you are supposed to smile. Does Kylo Ren smile?
Kylo Ren: We are done here.
Me: (bowing)… yes sir.

And then it was over. I survived! Barely.

Please don’t let me meet him alone on a dark spaceship.


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