Paradise Pier: Snack Level Wine, Beer and Cheeses

Snack Level turns into adult level at 5pm and lasts until 7pm. That’s when they change the snacks over from goldfish and cokes to cheeses and wines.

They are also more cautious with the wine and beer. They don’t just put the beers out to grab but they have a waiter come to you and ask if you would like a cabernet or a chardonnay or a beer choice if you are so inclined.

Considering that I purchased a $6 can of beer earlier for a match to my nachos. I thought that “free” would be welcomed. The room didn’t have many people there yet so I was able to get 2 glasses of wine in 30 minutes which is a nice amount before heading back into the park.

I also loved the cheeses that paired well with my Chardonnay.

There are 2-3 different desserts that you can close your mini meal with.

My daughters mainly ate their weight in cherry tomatoes and strawberry spa water.

For the price of $72 dollars, I would say that this portion was easily $28 in real life pays. So adding the breakfast, the snacks and the wine hour make up a nice $72. I might have hesitation to pay the other amounts at the other hotels unless I really packed away the soda and water. Which in the long run do pay off.

All in all. I love the club level access and I don’t think I would be able to stay at the Paradise Pier any other way.



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