Don’t Wait until “they can remember”

IMG_0190One thing I hear over and over from parents is, “I want to wait until they can remember.” That made sense to me when I had only 1 little one, the Iz which is probably the reason we waited until after she was 4. We thought, 4… that’s a good age. So, we went on our merry way and then we realized that WE LOVED DISNEYLAND!

IMG_4062So we went back a 2nd time and this time I was pregnant and I was worried that this might be the last trip for a long time until Sushi (in utero at that moment) would be 4 because she wouldn’t be able to remember the trip. Then I got sad. I went home in my Disneyland Depression and I started to find articles to support what I felt in my heart, “Disneyland shouldn’t be until you are 4.” I found one blog that said it perfectly and I wished I remembered who it was but they said something along the lines of, when your kids are really young, you don’t go to Disneyland for them to remember… you go for YOU to remember.

And that hit me hard. I want to remember the times I spent with them but I will never be able to know what they remember.

And so we went when my baby was 1 below with her grandma. Grandma doesn’t really like crazy rides but loves taking photos and spending time with her grand babies. So this was perfect for her to make some memories with her.


A 1 year old is easy to beat in Midway Mania, so that alone should be the reason you go… I mean who doesn’t want to be the highest scorer in the car?


And then again when she was 2, this time she knew more things and it was kind of like she remembered things. She knew Dumbo and ‘Deneeland’.

When she’s a senior in high school and gets to go the all night Grad Night at Disneyland, I’m going to show her these photos and weep. And then I’m going to be SOOOO JEALOUS because I never got to do Grad Night in Disneyland.


The family will always remember the times the baby had in Disneyland and will be able talk about the time the baby went Trick or Treating in Disneyland. Or the time you gave your mama a scare when you stopped moving around on Route 66 while you were in her belly and when you finally moved it was in front of Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree.


But most of all… I will remember. At the end of the day, I’m the mom and the most important thing in my possession are my memories. I will remember the time I held onto you for dear life while chasing you away from the doors on Mickey’s Wheel of Death. I will remember that you are scared of the dark rides and that you overcame your fear of characters for Stitch or Chewbacca. I will remember that you ate 2 slivers of bacon for breakfast and then once we got into the park you wanted popcorn for lunch.

Don’t wait… take them now.


Plus they are free until 3… so… it’s cheaper.


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