The Stroller Game and how to win


Every year, I wake up in time to see the sun rise over the parks. I love waking up early in the morning and getting inside for a Magic Morning (1 hour earlier than other ticket holders).

You hit the pavement in from Downtown Disney and I always curse when I remember that we have to wait for bag check.


Last year in October, this was the bag check line! HOLY CRAP. I’ve never waited so long in my life but remember when lines look like this always veer to the left and make the decision before you get into the crowd. Don’t panic and don’t let it discourage you. People are trying to get into the Disneyland for all kinds of reasons and your reason might be very different.

My husband and I like to use the follow the leader with the stroller method. You have the person walking right in front of the stroller so that helps you maneuver the crowds in different ways:

  • It helps so you don’t run over strangers heels, just your wife’s.
  • It allows the spread of the mind games. Let the one not in charge of child safety take the lead on finding the best way around a crowd and let the stroller driver just keep the kids hands and feet inside the vehicle.
  • Finally, the person in front creates a hole in the crowd instead of pushing people aside and saying, “excuse me” a million times.


Another thing to think about is who is going to ride in the stroller and how to manage the condensing and folding of the stroller on rides like Disneyland Railroad (Not a problem for now) and the monorail. The bigger the stroller the harder to manage.

Try to stay out of the entrance to Astro Orbitor with your stroller from 10:30am-8pm. Here is the alternate route to consider for getting into Tomorrowland with a stroller.

Red X- Do not enter here with a stroller.
Red circle- Don’t try to leave your stroller here due to walking population and quick turn around so your stroller will get buried fast because the cast members move them constantly.
Green- the best route into Tomorrowland with a stroller when it’s packed.
Magenta circles- Best places to leave a stroller to get back to them easily.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 5.22.40 PM

Good luck with the stroller game! It can be easy on the kid feet but brutal on the maneuvering.



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