A long time ago in the Star Wars Launch Bay….

A family favorite is Star Wars all around. So, we are a pro Star Wars land family! Until then there is lots to see and meet in the Star Wars Launch Bay in the former Innovations area. I think it works to my advantage to know that I have no memories of Innovations so I have nothing to compare it to.

While we were there, using our Disney Visa card we were able to get a private Meet and Greet with Kylo Ren although we wanted to meet Vader but he was taken out of rotation recently. We did have a 15 minute wait in the light side to meet Chewie but we had a much more loving time with Chewbacca. What is even better is talking to the cast members in the area, we had one cast member tell us about how she is half Wookie and half human. I asked her which half and she responded, “my hair obviously”. One of my favorite cast member interactions ever.

The Launch Bay itself is small but pumped full of Star Wars items, it’s like a museum of props. Light sabers, a BB-8 and Rey’s speeder.

Inside there is also an area that you could meet Boba Fett in the cantina but you have to time it right.

Finally, there is the crazy expensive Star Wars shop where I could buy a full Vader costume… if you are so inclined.

Is it worth setting aside time for? If you are a Star Wars fan, yes. If you are more of a classic Disney fan this might be a skip for next time place.


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