Cones, sticks and chips Food Pt. 1


Food is a big part of any trip to Disneyland. There are iconic favorites like the turkey leg and the Dole Whip. However, every time we go we try to find a new items we never ate before.

There are always seasonal goodies no matter what time of year you go.
Currently in Disneyland: There are some 60th anniversary foods that you can still enjoy until September 2016. Star Wars Season of the Force: We tried the Light Side lemon drink from Tomorrowland Terrace which had a Millennium Falcon inside and odd yogurt balls that reminded me of the hometown of Yoda- Dagobah, all green and foggy. This drink is really, really sour.


If you get a chance to try anything seasonal- do it because it might never be there again.

Bengal BBQ- serves meat on a stick. Pictured is the Safari Skewer asparagus wrapped in bacon and the chicken skewer. Can’t go wrong there. Here is the actual menu of items

We ate the Banyan Beef Skewer and the Bengal Beef Skewer.  We also had the chicken skewer. My husband loved the Banyan and the girls enjoyed the chicken skewer. I would say that if you plan to make this a meal, 2-3 skewers would be best. 1 order is 1 skewer.

Cozy Cone in DCA

We had a lunch/prelunch meal at DCA, we went for Red’s Apple Freeze but once again was denied. Twice now! Once their machine was down and this time, the cone wasn’t open yet. So this time we got the Mac and Cheese (Izzy loved it but I was eh). My sister got the pulled pork which is YUM!!! Get it now. Devour it and then eat another one for dinner. It had big chunks of meat and just the right amount of spice.

It was also the location that you can get the cute oil sipper with a soda in it.

Hidden Nachos in Grand Californian

After a long day and you need a place to chill that’s not going to be too busy, you have to try the nachos at Whitewater Snacks inside Grand Californian. You have to order them because they are off menu. Ask for the Carnitas Nachos.

There are seats outside and it’s away from the crowds and shaded. It’s one of our newest favorite places to nosh. Not to mention you can get a cerveza there but it will cost you a pretty penny, $7 a can.

This is the perfect place to eat if you are leaving DCA from the hotel entrance or are cutting through the Grand Californian on your way back to your hotel.


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