Food pt. 2: treats and snacks

IMG_1176Ariel’s Grotto is always expensive but their desserts never disappoint. This time they had a creme brûlée and a Chocolate cake- Smores type of deal and a chocolate covered strawberry. We had this as part of the World of Color dinner.


The beignets are so yummy, the pumpkin ones were different but I thought the classic beignets were the best so far. On Christmas, they serve a gingerbread variety which I have never had before. They also serve beignets outside the park at Ralph Brennen’s Jazz Kitchen which taste the same to me.

My family is a family of popcorn-a-holics so once that popcorn starts cooking, it’s like a tractor beam. This time around they had the Mickey balloon popcorn buckets and the Star Wars Tie Fighter. The buckets don’t hold more popcorn but they do make a fun collectible.


Finally, you have to enjoy a Mint Julep from the Mint Julep Cafe over in New Orlean’s square. It’s refreshing and it has a unique flavor that will always remind me of Disneyland.


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