Making Dreams Come True everyday and everyway

The first time I went to Disneyland, I thought to myself… how to make sure I see everything and have fun doing it. It was slightly stressful and I felt like I was dragging my family from place to place… hurry! Hurry!

By my 2nd trip, I realized that I LOVE THIS PLACE and I would enjoy the moments that I had and try new things. One of my favorite planning points, is finding something that will be special for everyone in my group.

Like making sure that my sister meets her favorite character.

Don’t forget about what you love! I love getting to the park super early and seeing the wet streets that they just washed down. I love getting the castle selfie with no strangers in the background.

My husband loves seeing all the new Star Wars things that are going on in the park, we are patiently awaiting Star Wars land!
IMG_7622Kids mainly love things that light up and who can go wrong with bubble wands. Let them be kids, it’s not always about the lines but sometimes they just want to dance around in front of the bathroom making bubbles.
Take time out to enjoy the place you are staying, if you are staying on site spend a few hours exploring and enjoying your pool or movie preview area.IMG_7763
Remember the baby, they mostly just want extra security and prefer to look at things and aren’t too sure about rides, especially dark rides.
Budget money for your spending habits, that way you know what you are leaving with and how much you need is realistic. I’m a big spender so, I always get a shirt. IMG_0954

Let your foodies be foodies and let them rest their stomachs on a bench or at a table. They know what they want and it’s not Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. If you can pair up foodies with other foodies in your family so they enjoy eating and resting. IMG_1136

IMG_1409And always, always send one person out to get the fast passes so the rest of the family can catch up instead of everyone running all over the park. And it’s much much safer.


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