Making the Impossible Come True Girl Scout Style

This trip was completely different from anything that we’ve done in the past. It was a 1 day trip to Disneyland and California Adventure. We were being guided by a little 8 year old who sold 800 boxes of cookies. She earned her way here and we were going to let her run the show. Being the Disneyland Expert that she is, she sat down with me to plan her trip early on and I helped her make the most of her time by putting them in order.

Leia wanted to get to the park with her sisters at 8am but it turned into more like 9:30AM which was a whole hour past  what she planned for. The hubby, baby #2 and I stayed overnight in Anaheim across the street from the entrance and Izzy and her aunt rode a charter bus all night long to meet us there.

First order of business, California Adventure and dropping off Leia’s bag in a locker.

As always, we are a fan of the split up and minimize the wait. Lisa and Izzy made their way to Screaming’ and Jas, Sushi and I got into line for  Toy Story Midway Mania. Lisa would get a Rider Switch after we showed them our baby Sushi. Toy Story is our snack spot and it was only a 15 minute wait so we had to get on. While in line, we ate our snack box. Izzy and Lisa rejoined us in line 10 minutes later right before we got on so it worked out perfectly.

Next up, Izzy and her dad were going to ride Screaming’ again and Lisa, Sushi and I were off to Ariel’s Underwater Adventure because as we were coming into the park, Sushi kept wanting to ride Ariel.


But on our way there, we ran into Jessie and you always stop for Jessie! I thought that Sushi would be afraid since she was still very afraid in February but she walked right up to her and gave her a huge hug! Finally, a positive character experience for Sushi!


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