Sleeping Beauties: The hotel

We stayed at the Camelot Inn and Suites for all the nights of our vacation. We were looking for a hotel that was within walking distance of the park so we could return to take naps. The importance of the naps to young people is paramount. Other places we’ve stayed see here and here.


The Camelot had a nice staff who made us feel welcome from day 1. I usually feel like other hotels give us a little wait and run around but they were ready for us. We were in our room very quickly but parking was tricky. Since many of the spots were already taken and the parking cost us $84 for the week.

A simple room that meet our needs, refrigerator, TV and two beds. Not much room to move around but enough for naps and sleeping. The beds were soft and especially clean.


Our room was approximately 8 minutes from security checkpoint which is very close by Disney standards. I would say that it was one of the closest places we have stayed with the least amount of fireworks noise. The first night we didn’t hear a thing the next two nights we could hear some noise but not much. We didn’t hear anyone next to us but could hear some kids on the next floor up.

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 8.13.42 PM

There was a well stocked little shop that even had gum numbing meds for my eldest’s canker sore issues.

We were right next door to a McDonald’s and a Panera which we made use of on two of the mornings and one dinner.


Would we return? yes.  Recommendations for next time: rent a stroller from their company and stay in a the larger suite.

Not sure if they had a swimming pool but it would have been nice to take a dip.

Out of the places we have stayed:

1- Disneyland Hotel two bedroom suite
2- Paradise Pier Concierge level
3- Disneyland Hotel Standard room
4- Paradise Pier Premium View Standard room
5- Grand Legacy Standard Room
6- Anabella Hotel Junior Suite
7- Camelot Inn and Suites

I think in order for Camelot to outscore Anabella they would have to offer free breakfast and larger suite rooms.

I do have to give it up to the housekeeping staff who were on point with coming in while we were out which was a big problem at Grand Legacy who would always be on the wrong schedule for our family. Camelot came in the sweet spot of before we returned from the parks and our room was always overwhelmed with trash and messy beds. 1o thumbs up to them!


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