The food! The food! part 1

The food at Disneyland has always been top notch. I have rarely been unimpressed, maybe with the kids meals at certain locations but overall, this visit was not exception. I broke this up into three parts, two for new meals and snacks. I decided to do a piece on Trader Sam’s alone.

My family has some staples to their Disneyland diet that include: popcorn, Mickey ice cream, rainbow lollipops, Mickey pretzels and churros. Those are all regular treats for us.

Here are some of the new treats and foods were tried this time:IMG_5552

Lisa tried the Jazz kitchen (Downtown Disney) beignets and the Mint Julep. She loved the beignets but wasn’t a fan of the Mint Julep. I prefer the Disneyland Mint Julep because it’s more a natural color whereas the Jazz Kitchen had a teal concoction. I would be interested in trying their po’ boys and the ‘bite sized’ beignets.




Lisa also tried the Spiderman macron which was yummy with vanilla ice cream and Spiderman tops but it was melting so fast we were sucking the liquid down instead of biting it.





Of course, while in Radiator Springs you have to eat something shaped like a cone

IMG_5332 from the Cozy Cone Cafe. Why not a Chili Cone Queso (Chili beans in a bread cone) or the Mac and Cheese in a Cone which is the best meal from the Cozy Cones. I also enjoyed a Spiked Lemonade (Vodka Lemonade) from the Cones. California Adventure is the only park of the two that will allow you to purchase alcohol (at crazy prices but sometimes… you just need a spiked lemonade to keep you cool).  Izzy also had the pomegranate lemonade that spilled on the floor before we finished it.


For kid rations- 1 cone will feed 1 adult or two kids under 9 year olds. 1 lemonade will satisfy two kids but get two cups to make sure it’s fair.

We also tried the pickle popcorn at Cozy Cone but I really wanted to try the Sriracha — I thought I had more time.

Never enough time to eat everything.


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