Tangaroa Terrace at The Disneyland Hotel

I am bummed that I didn’t get many photos of the food at Tangaroa Terrace which is connected to the Trader Sam’s bar at the Disneyland Hotel.

I love this restaurant because if you are looking for something special to eat and drink off the Downtown Disney area, I highly recommend this place.

The drinks for grown ups are yummy. This time I got the Pirahna Pool which was a boozy slush. Since it was a large drink, it made me full. I had just enough room for the pulled pork sandwich with fries which I shared with my preschooler and the Ahi Poke which was my favorite. Here is a detailed breakdown from Disneyland Eats about the Ahi Poke.

The Ahi was so yummy, I went back the next night with my sister and got it again! We had originally gone to share the Uh-Oa which is a drink for two that we got a few year’s ago. But, they didn’t have the souvenir cup at the moment so we chose two other drinks.

This time I got the HippopotMAI-TAI which came in a souvenir mug and my sister got a Krakatoa Punch which also came in a souvenir mug AND a glow cube. The glow cube can change colors but when it’s turned to red, it looks like you are drinking active lava.

The best drink that we had was the Tiki-tiki-tiki- rum.. which was like a Hawaiian shaved ice and a Pina Colada. Tasty.

This place is great for a romantic date with your person and a fun place for families with the lit tiki torches and the island live music.


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