For the Foodie in me, something new

My husband and I have have an ongoing list of things that we have yet to experience and food is always on the top of the list. On top of seasonal or special foods they offer throughout the year there are so many places to eat, that we haven’t made much of  dent in the food list. Below are three new foods that we tried as a family.


There are somethings in life that you try for the first time and you think, “Why have I not tried this before?!” That was my husband and I’s reaction to the Plaza Inn Chicken Platter. Why have we not eaten this chicken before? The resort is known for this chicken meal and every night at about 6pm the smell of fried chicken would tickle our noses as we finished riding Star Tours. We would figure the place was packed so we end up with a hot dog or something. This time, it was a relatively short wait for this meal, you walk up to the Plaza Inn (no reservations necessary) and order your meals at the windows and pay as you leave to find your table.

For our family of 5, we got 1 kids meal that came with 1 drumstick that you can also get grilled, mashed potatoes and green beans. Jasper and I got the 3 piece chicken platter that came with 3 pieces of chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans and a biscuit. The platters were just enough for us to share 1 more piece of chicken with our 9 year old and 1 piece with our 4 year old. We demolished the chicken and mashed potatoes. The green beans were fresh but we just didn’t finish them. I think that 2 pieces of chicken can feed 1 person and the 3rd piece can either go home with you or be split with someone.

Everyone should be eating this chicken.


In Disney California Adventure, we tried the Pacific Wharf Cafe which is one of the places that serves the iconic bread bowls. We had the Clam Chowder and the Pesto Chicken Sandwich. We shared this as a family when we were medium hungry. It was enough to feed us all. My husband ate a half of a sandwich, my 9 year old ate half of a sandwich and some soup until she found out it was clams then we thought it was weird. My 4 year old picked at everything and ate practically nothing. My policy for food is the same as it is at home, we all eat what we are served, no special meals. So, she didn’t want to share the family meals she had to make due with snacks left in the snack bags which was old Triscuits and a fruit roll up.

I highly recommend the Clam Chowder and the bread was so fresh. It was hard on the outside and soft on the inside not doughy like some other bread bowls. I really wanted to go back and pick up a Mater bread or a Mickey bread to have when we returned home but I was so tired to return to that side of the park.


Izzy tried the Dole Whip Cotton Candy that was available in DCA. She said that she “kinda liked it”. She said it didn’t taste like a Dole Whip, I would agree. It didn’t taste much different from your standard cotton candy. If you don’t finish it, it still ends up wilted in a rock form in the bag at your hotel. PLUS kids don’t know how to eat cotton candy! They put their mouths on in instead of pulling it off and eating it so there are whole parts wet from their mouths. I am not a fan of cotton candy. This Disneyland version is no exception.

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