Jedi Academy: There is no chaos (*edit)


*Edit- This offering is no longer available on 6/8/19

We hadn’t done the Jedi Academy in a few years and Izzy wanted to do it again this year so on the last day we signed up.

In the past, you had to be chosen from the audience but now all kiddos can be trained! Go to the Star Wars launch bay near Autopia to sign up.  Go early if you already have a packed schedule. We signed up after our character breakfast at 9am so, we go a later time.  You will get a special paper, don’t forget to bring this back for the time you are assigned for. If you don’t get the time you want, you may be able to sign up for a stand-by time.

When your time had come, your kiddo will return to the place they signed up at and wait for a Jedi to assign them a robe. You can leave you kid here with the Jedi or wait with them, we waited and I collected Izzy’s backpack and other items.

Then the parents are lead to the parent area of the arena. Your kiddos gets to borrow a robe and a saber. They will either fight Darth Vader or the Sixth Sister from Star Wars Rebels.

At the end, the Padwans summon Kylo Ren who is scary due to his vocal range.

At the end, they get a PhotoPass card with their official photos and a rare button.

I can’t wait for my other two daughters to try this. It’s a wonderful experience and worth your 1.5 hours.

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