Guardians of the Galaxy: the former Tower of Terror

Guardians of the Galaxy opened the end of May 2017 and we were there the following weekend so, the ride was still new and highly sought after in DCA.

Knowing that and deviating slightly from Leia’s list, we got to DCA before they opened at 8am. The Girl Scouts weren’t scheduled to arrive until after 9am. I was hoping to get a Fast Pass before 10am. My husband and I decided on a plan before we got into the gates.

We would take our photos for our tickets and get our tickets and he would beeline it to Bugsland and I would race over to Guardians to secure a Fast Pass in case Leia wanted to ride it.

When I turned the corner for Hollywood Blvd. there were cast members leading us to stand-by and to the fast pass line. I took the right line and got into the Fast Pass line thinking, this will be quick, well… I walked up and down that street 4 times!


They put down green masking tape on the ground and we zig zagged our way toward the FP (fast pass) machines. This lined moved quickly.


Then when I reached the side across from the theatre, I thought, “Yes! I’m almost there!”

I was wrong… around the corner awaited a part of the park I’ve never seen before.


The Backstage!

Finally, I got the FP machine and was able to score a fast pass for 9:20 am! Not too shabby!

My husband rode the first time and he rode the ‘Give Up the Funk’ version. I rode the Pat Benatar version which I was so stoked to get. There are 6 different versions of the ride:

  • “Hit Me with Your Best Shot” by Pat Benatar
  • “Give Up The Funk” by Parliament
  • “Born to Be Wild” by Steppenwolf
  • “I Want You Back” by The Jackson 5
  • “Free Ride” by The Edgar Winters Group
  • “Burning Love” by Elvis Presley

The ride still drops like Tower of Terror but when it was ToT, I felt like I knew when the drops were coming. During Guardians, it felt random.

Overall, theming from the Fast Pass line was spot on for Disney. They even had the Yeti in the Collector’s Collection.



Just to prove a point of why Disney is so much more than another park… THEY REMOVE the tape from Hollywood Blvd after the first rush!! Any other park would probably leave it there for the next day.

Two days later, we waited until after 10am to get Fast Passes and we didn’t need to make the long trek. We walked right up BUT they closed the FP line right after us and our FP were for 9:30pm that night.

I got “Hit me with your best shot” again.

Izzy and my hubby LOVED this ride! Ditto on my part.

The first FP queue was about 10 minutes because my hubby was only able to ride Heimlich’s Chew Chew Train and change a diaper before I met back up with them.

Don’t do standby unless you can’t get Fast Passes which means you didn’t start your day in the park. So you may have to wait upward of 90 minutes. Worth it? Not sure any ride is worth over an hour wait, I’ve never waited that long for any ride.


1- Get the Fast Passes. 10 minute FP wait versus 90 minute stand by.

2- Go early for Fast Passes. They ran out by 10:30 everyday we were there. During slow days, it may be less but always start your Disney days at opening for maximum ride capacity.

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