Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique to KISS groupie

I love the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique Experience and every Disneyland Princess must try it at least once in a girl’s life. The boutique is essentially a spa for little girls to be made over into princesses of their choice. There are varying levels of pricing for kids 3-12 years old:

Crown $64.95- Hairstyle, makeup, nail polish, backpack and sash
Courtyard $109.95- Crown package plus t-shirt and tutu
Castle $199.00- Crown package plus a princess gown of the girl’s choice with crown and wand and a special photo session

This year Sushi got her first Castle treatment and her sister Izzy did the Crown package. our total was over $300 which the girls paid for half of their packages with birthday cards and saved money. Their Mema also helped them enjoy this magic.

Sushi (4 years old) loved her treatment, their favorite part was going into the changing room room and seeing her dress set up for her.

Leia (9 years old) has already had this package (blog here) and was a good sport about supporting her sister. Her favorite part was her makeup.

One of the best parts is the reveal when they show the girls their makeover in a special mirror and I’m not sure when they started taking the girls over to the Princess Meet and Greet but they had that Magic ready for us.


We didn’t have to wait in line to see the princesses and got a special meet and greet.

Another thing that happened is that Gaston makes a point to stop by the waiting area and  does his bits about marrying the princesses, especially if you are dressed at Belle.


A downside is that their products have changed from a few years ago when they moved to more organic products so the hairstyles don’t hold on as long as they used to but the experience is still the same.

We have one more little gal to experience the boutique and my eldest is asking to do it again so, we will definitely be back.


I will say that once they get their makeup you might want to hide their make up kit because it quickly turns from beautiful princess to punk rock groupie. They “retouch” their make up constantly and it looks “nice”.


Rock on, little princess, Rock on!

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