Hitting 40 inches… an experiment in wins and loses

Update: 1/1/20

There is a very important time in a Disney family’s timeline… the day one of your kids hit 40 inches! This means that there are so many rides that open up for these kiddos.

In Disneyland you have to be 40 inches to ride:
Splash Mountain (closed for us)- my 6 year still refuses to go on this
Big Thunder Railroad- still loves this
Space Mountain (opted not to do this one)- LOVES THIS

In California Adventure:
Guardians of the Galaxy- Refuses to go on still
Radiator Springs Racers- LOVES
Grizzly River Run (42 inches but we made the cut)- STILL NOT A FAN
Soarin’ Around the World- LOVES
Silly Symphony Swings (we didn’t make it to this one) LOVES
Jumpin’ Jellyfish (we FORGOT this one!)

My middle child is a cautious child who is easily upset. She wasn’t a fan of many of the rides.
Here are the winners and losers and the reasons.

Disneyland Winners
Big Thunder Railroad- She loves pretty basic roller coasters and it was very easy for her to hold onto me.
Star Tours- She enjoyed the story line and the easy ride experience. She is also a big Star Wars fan.
California Adventure Winners
Radiator Springs Racers- She loves cars and she loves the racing aspect. It was her first ride in DCA and it was a great kick off. She rode it 3 times.Soarin’ Around the World- I am going to put this in the loser category because it was dark and she was afraid of the ride possibly dropping her. NOW SHE LOVES THIS ONE! 6 YEARS OLD.

California Adventure Losers
Guardians of the Galaxy- This was too scary for her. Look at her face in the ride photo. She didn’t like the free fall and was almost traumatized from here out- afraid that all rides would drop her. She was in tears by the end.
Grizzly River Run (42 inches but we made the cut)- She wasn’t a fan but she also wasn’t totally put off to it. She said she was going to ride the soft river part only and didn’t like the drop and being wet.
Overall, I would say go on the ride that you want them to love first then go on the rides that are pushing the envelope like Guardians because even some adults HATE that ride.
Talk to them about what’s going to happen ahead of time and don’t let your 10 year old tell them because they aren’t very compassionate about scare levels.

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