Extra Magic Hour for extra magic



As a hotel guest on the resort properties, you get an extra magic hour. This is an hour before the general public gets to enter. You gain access to Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. If you take advantage of this you may miss rope drop which also an exciting experience.

You enter through the gates marked with Magic Hour. I would get there 15-20 minutes before the gates open. This way you are in line on time.

I love being there before the entire public is there. It’s pretty quiet and not as big of a rush to get to the rides. This is pretty much the only way to get to Peter Pan with less than 20 minute wait.


The day we went is a beautifully foggy morning. It was a perfect time to take a photo of the castle and with the family.


This was one of my most favorite photos of the whole trip.

Waking up early in time to open the park is such a routine for our family, I can’t imagine coming mid-day or after opening time. The parks set up your day so nicely when you are at opening.

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