Six Dwarves of Disneyland or How do I please everyone? pt.1

There are multiple times when I read on forums, “I have one day, what are the must sees in Disneyland.” To that my response and my family echoed it was, “One day is not enough.” We are Disneyland veterans, going over 10 times in the last 5 years. My response to this questions is, “What do you want to accomplish and who is going with you?” I truly believe that every person’s Disneyland Experience should be unique and tailored to their personality. Here are the personalities of our family:

The Thrill Seeker (Age 11)


Enjoys FastPass rides and running from ride to ride (no running in Disneyland).

Hates slow paced wait times. Will complain about not planning the rides correctly.

Must dos: Splash Mountain and Indiana Jones at rope drop. Fastpasses for Guardians and Incredicoaster.

Needs: Maxpass, water bottles and an adventurous parent.

Motto: From Rope Drop to Fireworks




The Jack Jack (Unpredicatable Emotional Ball of Energy Age 2)

Enjoys the little surprises that Disneyland offers. Anything you can touch or eat.

Hates long winded introductions to rides and waiting in lines.

Must dos: Mickey’s Philharmonic 4D presentation, Jungle Cruise (short line), Tiki Room, Water Boulder

Needs: Lots of fun snacks and a nap

Motto: 5 minutes or less or I’m out.



The Lovey (Age 6)


Enjoys the softer side of Disneyland like characters and soft stuffed animals.

Hates scary and dark rides that have evil characters in them.


Must dos: Character Interactions, Dumbo, Carousels and lots of down time not rushing

around the park. Take time to watch the baby ducks and make wishes in wishing wells.

Needs: Time to walk and enjoy sections of the park. Not into seeking thrills. Likes to hug people and look at the horses pull Disney vehicles. Maybe 2 naps.

Motto: Slow and Steady wins my pace.

Overall, the experiences for these children were all very different which made us adopt some must do lists for each family member and respect their personalities. We never force our kids onto rides they don’t want to do. It is an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Hence, the schedule!


Yes, that is our family. The spreadsheet family. Sit back and see how it works.

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