Six Dwarves of Disneyland or How do I please everyone? pt. 2

After you consider the youngest of your group, you should consider the older members of your group. I know it’s a little selfish but start with yourself as the planner since you are doing so much work.


The Know-It-All (Age 38)

Enjoys telling the group where to go and when to do it. They know the plan like the back of their hand. They are gatekeepers for what is to come next or what to do when it starts to fall apart. Eavesdropping is their specialty.

Hates when people start falling apart or don’t appreciate the work they did to complete the planning. Newbies don’t listen to their advice.

Must Dos: Check off all the boxes on the family plan and spend time with all the members in a special way. Mainly looking for the “This is the best!” reactions from everyone. Unique and one-of-a-kind events are a must.

Needs to be validated for the work they put into the trip. They would love a unique gift from Disneyland.

Motto: Excel is the key to success.


The Happy to Be Here (Age 39)

Enjoys just being there with with their family. Everything.

Hates when the Know-It-All is having a difficult time. Doesn’t do the best when they are in charge of everything. Other than that, nothing.

Must Dos: They have a list of 4-5 things that they want to do. Try to pair them up with kids to these items for maximum memory making.

Needs: Snacks and check ins with the lead to make sure they are able to help. These are your helpers, let them help the lead.

Motto: I’m here for the memories.


The Foodie/ Traditionalist (Age 34)

Enjoys opportunities to try new foods or safe experiences.

Hates fast paced events. Waiting in long lines and getting hangry.

Must Dos: Make sure they eat all the snacks and the seasonal offerings. They have a list of must eats and must sees on their own. They want to see all the events, parades and early shows. They love making memories.

Needs: Time or a plan to eat what they want. Pair them with the slowest and most cuddly kids of the group for max enjoyment. The foodie enjoys the traditional food offerings and the seasonal offerings. They will be you slow and deliberate people.

Motto: But first… snacks.

Find ways to pair the thrill seeker adults with the thrill seeker kids. For the best experiences, planning is always best especially, if you are not an annual pass holder. You have limited time and it’s time to make the best of it. Know your family and get the best of all members for the most success.

Everyone has a way to enjoy their parks. Listen and respect them.

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