Maxpass versus Fastpass

There is often confusion around the Fastpass and the Maxpass. And the #1 question: Is it worth it?

First off, what the difference? The difference is that the Fastpass is Free with your ticket and that the Maxpass is a paid app that you add to your tickets.


Fastpass: Back in the day, the Fastpass used to be free with your ticket to book a return time that is usually shorter for popular rides. This concept is the same with the change being that they don’t give you a paper fast pass anymore, they use the Disneyland app to track your return times.

Both Fastpass and Maxpass use the same idea, the idea is that you check into a ride virtually so that you don’t stand in line. Instead, it gives you an hour to return to the ride to ride it. It is usually about 30 minutes shorter than the standby line. The catch is that you can’t hold multiple Fastpasses at once. They make you wait at least an hour to book the next one.

What most people don’t know is that the Fastpass is FREE TO EVERYONE! Use it if you have a ticket. Walk to the Fastpass kiosks for each ride. They are noted on each attraction with a FP logo. These are unlimited for the length of your ticket. Just keep an eye on the “Next Fastpass available times” so you can book multiple Fastpasses. There are some Fastpasses that you can hold multiple of: Fantasmic, World of Color and Frozen in Disneyland. If you plan to watch any of these, book them first and then start booking your ride Fastpasses.

Maxpass: Why pay the extra?
The Maxpass allows you to book Fastpasses from anywhere in the park. I can be in Disneyland and book Radiator Springs in California Adventure while in Disneyland. That’s so much saved walking time.

A second benefit is that use of the professional photos for personal use. It usually is $10 per person. To be able to have access to these photos. These photos are taken with a high quality camera in key spots around the park. You will see the photo pass people with khaki vests and blue pants with cameras. Get as many of these photos as possible but make sure you are ready to go when you get to them so you aren’t fidgeting with everything.


Maxpass also includes all of the attraction rides that you get the code for. So instead of paying for each photo you use your Maxpass in the Disneyland app to capture the photos.  You can also just pay for one person for max pass and use the paper Fast-pass system for everyone else.


We love it for the ‘Magic Shots’ where photographers add fun items.


You also can get any Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique photos loaded to your account for free.

2011- Our first trip with oldest


They also include any character interactions you have in the park. I feel the the price is reasonable for the time you would be sacrificing running from ride to ride picking up the passes.


Any magic shots are worth it, I think and you can book your next FastPass from your hotel while you nap is a good thing. And you can add all them all to your personal photo library.

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