Can you make it to Fireworks?

Finding a place to stand for all the big events like parades and fireworks. We’ve seen the fireworks from the following places: middle of Mainstreet, to the right side of the hub where Tomorrowland starts and by ‘It’s a Small World’. From outside the park, usually from our hotel and on the esplanade between the parks.

I would say that outside the park is fun when you are up in your hotel room enjoying an adult beverage while your kids are completely crashed out because making it to that late 9-10pm time frame is hard on littles. I recommend the naps for everyone, once again!

My favorite place is the middle of Mainstreet either right across from the Gibson Girl or right at the end of Mainstreet by the camera shop. From here you can enjoy the bubbles or snow and the show displayed on the facades of the shops. Across the camera shop, if you get right behind the rope you will have a walkway in front of you which will help with people standing in front of kids or you, if you are shorter.

Immediately after the show, there is a steady stream down the middle of mainstreet and getting back into the back lands are difficult if you don’t have a plan ahead of time. First, get to the sidewalks but take note which way the walkways are moving. The middle will just be funneled to the exit. If you are wanting to ride the rides a little later into the night try to get as close to the entrance to your desired land as the fireworks end.

If you are trying to get out of the park as quickly as possible, there will be two exits that open up that not many people know about, they are by the Baby Center and to the left of Coke Corner.

My recommendation is to work with your family schedules and how everyone is feeling. We try to all watch the fireworks but in reality the 2 year old goes down around 8:30pm and the 5 year old gets too tired to want to be held up to see the fireworks. We have an auntie who is down for the count right around the same time so she will take the two littles back to the hotel early and give them a bath and put them to bed. It works out for all of us. I will usually head back after the fireworks and let Jasper and the oldest ride all the final rides until the park closes down. Find what works for your family.

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