It’s a Merry World After All!


One of my mom’s must-ride rides was ‘It’s a Small World’. She vividly remembers the song and the figurines dancing. It is also a family favorite because it’s a sit down ride and the song stays with you the entire time. I will be humming it even months later. I’m not quite sure what it is about this ride but I am also so nostalgic after I ride it. The whole family can fit into one boat and the babies can even ride it.


The holiday version has less of the mind blowing song and more Christmas songs added in for good measure. I am also positive that they open a totally different part of the boat ride for Christmas because there was large black sheet over the area that I thought was the original ride. You see a whole different area for Christmas time. And we found lots of hidden mickeys in the poinsettias.


Merry Christmas to our Small World!


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